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Amptech design and manage installation of your premises cabling including testing and location of faults in existing cabling.

A structured cabling system provides the foundation of your business’ voice and data communications network. The speed, performance and reliability of your voice and data network relies on the use of quality materials, workmanship and handling during installation.

Effective design and installation of voice and network cabling is one of our core business services. We understand the importance of a reliable voice and data network and are trained professionals in this field. Our installers are ACMA licenced with mandatory structured cabling endorsements for structured cabling design and installation.

WIFI quality is also affected by quality of cabling, network design, channel selection and building structure and materials. We design your WiFi to provide whole of site coverage including secure and guest networks.

Structured Cabling Cat 6 and higher


Cabling to support gigabit data intensive network requirements as well as fixed equipment such as phones printers and network scanners

This cabling also supports power over ethernet to powered network devices (POE) including WiFi Security Cameras reducing the need for additional electrical wiring.

It is extremely difficult to run a successful network without a solid foundation of structured cabling. It is important when moving into premises to ensure that the existing cabling will match the network requirements for the equipment systems and services that you are using.

Fibre Optic in premise cabling

Fibre optic cabling supports network speeds of 10 Gb and higher. Fibre optic cabling is often used to support uplinks or trunk cabling on network segments supporting heavy traffic.

Fibre optic cabling can also be used for interconnecting networks over longer distances that exceed the network limitations of copper network cabling, usually less than 90 m for category six cabling.

There are different types of fibre optic cable available each with its own characteristics. Most commercial grade network switches now come with fibre-optic uplinks which provide all the bandwidth needed for a busy network distributed across a large building or campus.



No network is complete without Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is ideal for supporting peripheral devices including tablets and mobile phones of your staff. It can also be used for connection of remote staff when they attend the office who are not part of the normal hardwired network.

Wi-Fi can be set up in offices hospitality and other commercial situations where networks are required including corporate environments. Care needs to be taken in designing and installing your Wi-Fi system to ensure all users enjoy satisfactory network speeds and minimise latency or responsiveness on the network as well as securing the network.