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Phone plans to suit any business 99.999 % Uptime unparalleled in Australia

Phones are not a one size fits all experience.

Choose from our range to suit your business needs. We will advise on the best combination of plans and equipment to suit you business operation.

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Our cloud based phone systems can be completely software based ( softphones on mobiles and laptops )

They can be completely hardware based (hardwired handsets)


Any combination of a software and hardware based system to match your needs.

Our phones offer flexibility ( they work anywhere you have internet) cost effective (no onsite hardware required other than the handsets themselves) and are always on with our 99.999 % uptime become one of the most reliable systems that you can choose.


The desk phone that travels with you. Traveller provides a local landline number that works on you laptop desktop and mobile. 

No matter where you are working with the traveller plan ONdesk can be accessed by the Vonex app on your computer, laptop, mobile or tablet device. When making and receiving calls from the app it will appear as though you are at your office using your extension as normal.

The Traveller plan is also a great option for reception. Managing and transferring calls can all be done from the computer with the backup of a mobile if your reception attendant has to pop out.


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  • Local/National calls
  • Calls to Mobile
  • Access to the Hosted PBX
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Hunt Group
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OnDesk PAYG Lite $10/Month

Not sure how frequent your calls might be and want to unlock all of the features of ONdesk? This zero contract plan is the plan for you.


  • Phone number or new extension
  • Voicemail to email
  • Access to all the features of ONdesk
  • One hunt group
  • $25 connection fee unless on term contract

OnDesk 25

The perfect system for busy offices with a lot of incoming and outgoing calls. All call costs to National, Local and Mobiles is included. This system includes a full cloud hosted PBX that allows transfer of calls within the same office, to a remote office or to field staff using the Vonex mobile app. Keeps all staff connected. The Vonex app also allows staff to change their availability when in meetings. The Vonex app also reduces the need for mobile phone numbers to be provided. Ideal for businesses wishing to employ a BYOD strategy or for remote or work at home staff.


  • Select and purchase a handset of your choice
  • Local/National calls/ Fixed to Mobile calls
  • Hosted PBX
  • Hunt group
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Standard programming of the phone system
  • Support for all changes to your phone system
  • Shipping of hardware $25 connection fee

Your Choice of equipment Mix and match andsets and sofphone according to your needs

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