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Amptech specialise in providing IT infrastructure and services specific to small businesses. Small business owners don't need the hassle of becoming an IT expert, and Amptech agree, you shouldn't have to be.
  • Network cabling

    Structured cabling forms the basis of any stable network. Amptech provide network designs suitable to business now while also allowing for the future. We design our systems keeping in mind your budget now, while allowing for future growth and expansion.
  • Wi-Fi

    Wireless access points are essential in any network. Users today have many devices that just won't connect to a wired network. The key to a successful network structure is striking the right balance between wired and wireless access points
  • Telephones

    Some small businesses can operate using just mobile phones, but if you intend to grow you should make sure they have the capacity to add a phone system. Sometimes it just isn't convenient to give everyone your mobile phone number. Voip phone technologies provide a cost-effective and easily transportable phone system to implement as your business grows, but you need to ensure that your network will support now.
  • On-site file management

    The matter what type of business you are in, you are going to need to store files electronically, as well as create and manage files in electronic formats. Network attached storage devices provide the perfect low maintenance way to secure your files and share them internally. This is particularly important when creating content simply because large files and cloud systems are not a good combination
  • Cloud services

    Cloud services are the perfect way to share files amongst your employees and maintain network security. Cloud services are particularly useful for sharing files across multiple sites, as well as to mobile employees without compromising internal network security.
  • SOftware

    Your software requirements will range from financial and accounting software through to creative content. A variety of options available including cloud-based systems, locally run systems or a combination of the two. Amptech will ensure that you have the right combination, to both run your business and minimise your ongoing costs.

Specialists in small business technology installation and usage.

With Amptech you can be assured that you wont be given a solution that will become an ongoing management problem.  We pride ourselves on giving you a system with all of the features that you need and nothing you dont. .
  • Always available
    We are always available to support the ongoing requirements of your business as it grows.  You're in business for the long-term and your system needs to be able to grow to meet the demands of managing a growing business. We are always here for support.
  • Backup & support
    In the unlikely event that something does go wrong we are here to get it fixed for you fast. Our systems are designed with simplicity in mind, meaning that they are easily managed in house without steep learning curves or the need for continual outside support
  • Growing with your needs
    Our systems are always designed to be able to grow with your needs without disrupting your business or becoming cost prohibitive in the future as a result of poor design in the present.

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